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 Network install
I have an old Compaq 486 with 8MB ram.
On which I want to install FreeBSD 4.x (pref 3), but it can't find
my NIC (standard ISA Nic from Compaq,  with a sticker on
it with something about Novell).
I know it's on IO 0x300, but the IRQ I don't know for sure, so
I take the default (10).
But when setup want to put the nic up (with ifconfig) it doesn't work.

Anybody know what to do or check?

BTW I hade the same problem with installing Debian.
Only RedHat 5.2 (installed from CD) could find it.

Thanks in advance,


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 Sat, 25 Oct 2003 06:49:21 GMT   
 Network install
If it has a novell sticker on it, it's probably saying it's novell
compatilble.. so usually in that case using Ne2000 should do the trick... i
think. Just do the fullscreen kernel config and set the irq to 10 and the
i/o to 0x300. Hopefully that will work.

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 Tue, 02 Dec 2003 20:48:11 GMT   
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