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 Installed 4.2 -- now it won't boot
Okay, I was able, after disassembling the entire computer and putting it
back together agin, to get 4.2 to install over FTP.  Now, however, one
seemingly simple problem stands in my way: booting the OS.  Maybe there is
some essential part of the installation that I skipped, but as soon as I
exited installation and rebooted (this also happens on subsequent boots), I
am given the message "No /boot/loader."  I don't know what I could have
possible done wrong to cause this; I have reinstalled about 12 times, each
using different options (including which boot manager) to no avail.  If
anyone has had a similar experience or could possibly offer advice, I'd
appreciate it.  The following is the full output after the BIOS finishes
detecting PCI devices, etc.:

Disk error 0x1 (lba=0x10004f)
Disk error 0x1 (lba=0x10004f)
No /boot/loader

Default: 0:ad(0,a)/kernel
Disk error 0x1 (lba=0x10004f)
No /kernel

Matt Finizio

 Sun, 28 Sep 2003 10:26:40 GMT   
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