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 Mail server
I am just a beginer in FreeBSD world.....but  I am so eager to learn how to
setup a mail server.
What do I need to setup a mail server on FreeBSD?  And what 's good email
server for FreeBSD?


 Fri, 26 Dec 2003 10:57:20 GMT   
 Mail server

I use Qmail and have found it to be quirky but much easier and more
than SendMail. Also you can have it up and running fairly quickly after
reading one book


PostFix is another good choice, but I think it is still having the kinks
worked out security and feature wise.

As a newbie, don't waste the next 10 years of your life learning
It is more flexible and powerful, but also harder to make secure and

I have watched kids testifying before Congress. It is clear that they
are completely unaware of the seriousness of their acts. There is
obviously a cultural gap. The act of breaking into a computer system
has to have the same social stigma as breaking into a neighbor's house.
It should not matter that the neighbor's door is unlocked. The press
must learn that misguided use of a computer is no more amazing than
drunk driving of an automobile.

Ken Thompson Sept. 1995 ACM

 Fri, 26 Dec 2003 14:03:34 GMT   
 Mail server

Not really sure what you mean by a "mail server".  If you are talking about
a "real" server that will process email for a registered domain, then Qmail
is probably your best choice. It is a lot of work however, and if you are
actually doing the above, there is a lot more work (DNS, relay agreements,
etc..) and other "to-do" items, than just configuring qmail.

However, if you are just desiring to have email served on your local area
network, FreeBSD comes with Sendmail installed (unless you choose to disable
it).  If you simply add the package Qpopper, you can set up almost any pop3
client to send and receive from that machine.  Use the "email" machine name
and/or IP address in your client for both smtp and pop3 servers.  Quick and
dirty, but it does work.

You could do Qmail in either case, but as stated, that is a lot of work for
just "fooling around with email".

Good Luck!


 Fri, 26 Dec 2003 20:00:37 GMT   
 Mail server

To have a fully qualified domain name, you will have to regsiter a domain
and create DNS records. In particular, you will have to set up a MX (mail
exchange) record in your DNS zone file (the file that lists DNS info for a

I will not go into DNS issues, as I am not that knoledgeable in it, but
there is a BIND book by O'Reilly that is very good. Just register a domain
and create your DNS records. If the regsitrar is too damn cheap to offer
DNS hosting, as mine is, you can use the Public DNS service at to do this.

Once that is done, install FreeBSD 4.3 stable onto a machine, and upgrade
to the lastest stable version of sendmail (11.4 I believe) using the ports

Create the following files in /etc/mail:


You will need to list your host name and domain name in local-host-names,
and your domain name in relay-domains.

That should get sendmail working.

However, it may not allow you to send from your local domain, as relaying
is denied by default, so read this:

Next, you will probably want to set up POP mail so you can check e-mail
from MS Windows computers using a mail client such as outlook.  Therefore,
install qpopper from the ports collection, and read the documentation on
how to install it.

That is more or less it for a bare bones FreeBSD E-Mail server.

- Marco Radzinschi

 Fri, 09 Jan 2004 23:52:57 GMT   
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