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 Comparison between FreeBSD and OpenBSD

I am trying to pick up a *nix OS for my small server (Intel machine).

Could someone direct me to a good site where FreeBSD and OpenBSD
are impartially compared?


 Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:54:58 GMT   
 Comparison between FreeBSD and OpenBSD
In article <>, "Miroslaw J. Wiechowski"

Without starting a flame war, i think i can say FreeBSD is more focused
on i386 (and alpha) systems, the performance is slightly better and it's
a bit more robust, especially under high loads.

OpenBSD is ported to more architectures, has a more clean (and portable)
code, and is more focused on security. It's a bit more conservative and

My experience is that OpenBSD is more bare-bones, with a less funky
install. The hardware support is less then FreeBSD, and the available
software too, though i guess most FreeBSD software will run on OpenBSD
without modifications. FreeBSD has more features then OpenBSD.

I like FreeBSD better in general, but for some security-critical boxes i
use OpenBSD.

You might also prefer OpenBSD if you don't want all extra features and
just want a bare unix OS.

I haven't find any serious and up to date papers about this topic.

Concerning NetBSD: it's main features are portability and a clean code
tree, which aren't extremely important for most i386 sysadmins, IMHO.

This is my personal opinion, YMMV

Well, my files were backed up.

 Fri, 07 Nov 2003 06:49:46 GMT   
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