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 Installation problems
Hi all,

I am trying to install FreeBSD 4.3 on a fairly old Digital Celebris 590 (a
90 MHz Pentium system). I intend to use the system as a server running Samba
and Apache. It includes a 6 Gb Maxtor hard disk, 72 Mb of memory and a
Lantronix PCI Ethernet card based on a DEC 21040 chip (which uses the tulip
driver under Linux). The BIOS has a 2Gb disk limitation, which is normally
bypassed using a Maxtor specific BIOS extension. Using that extension, it is
possible to have the disk appear as three 2Gb drives under Windows 95.

I would like to install the FreeBSD from an FTP server (either a public one
or a server on the local network).

When I try to boot from the kern/mfsboot floppies, I am facing two problems
: the main one is that my Ethernet card is not detected. There does not seem
to be any kind of message indicating that it was identified or detected by
the kernel. Is there a way to check and/or force the identification of the
card? If the card is not properly set up, I cannot install FreeBSD and even
less operate it as a server.

The second problem is that the disk drive is only partially recognized by
FreeBSD. It correctly identifies the first 2 Gb partition, but not the rest
of the drive. I tried using pfdisk or fips to set up additionnal partitions,
without success. Does FreeBSD necessarily read all drive information from
the BIOS, or is there a way to make it directly access the drive, much in
the same way as Linux does? Note: I tried providing the appropriate drive
geometry in the configuration, but the information was not used when setting
up partitions.

Thanks for any information,


 Thu, 08 Jan 2004 23:49:16 GMT   
 Installation problems

The "de" driver serves most, if not all, 21040-chip cards.  I don't know
why "they" don't put it and more drivers in the install kernel.  AFAIK,
your only options are: 1) install from CDROM; 2) use PLIP through a
parallel-port cable (fairly slow, but supported by the installer) and
you'll have to run PLIP on the serving computer; 3) Install FreeBSD on
another computer, build a better kernel, and make a kern.flp out of it
using a method documented somewhere I've forgotten.

Seems to be a common problem.  I gave a rather poor answer just a while
ago, but you'd probably have better luck using
(It recogonized all my 5.6 GB IDE on a 1991 486 system, if that makes you
feel any better.  No?)

 Fri, 09 Jan 2004 13:08:16 GMT   
 Installation problems
Thanks for the information.

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 Sat, 10 Jan 2004 03:35:23 GMT   
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