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 How Do I add an Interface on BSD?
I have a floppy disk which boots PicoBSD 0.445.  That's's
entirely on a single floppy disk.  It recognizes tun0, tun1 and lo
(loopback).  I'm assuming that tun0 and tun1 are serial ports.  It did not
detect my two 3C905c network cards.  This kernel is designed for a single bridge networks so that you can do protocol testing.

For more information see:
http://www.**-**.com/ ~luigi/ip_dummynet/

I have used this before and it's a great (free) tool for WAN simulations.
However, it was already setup when I got there.  I need help...anyone?  How
do I add the interface so that I can then configure them with ifconfig?


 Fri, 09 Jan 2004 03:15:36 GMT   
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