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 Dial-in (like ISP)
        I am thinking of setting up my FreeBSD as a dial-up ISP for
several friends. Aside from configuring FreeBSD to allow dial-ins, can
anyone tell me what I must have to accomplish this?

Several other questions:
1) Where can I get a pool of IP addresses to assign to my friends? (or
do they a LAN IP, or my own IP, or what?)
2) Do I need a modem installed for each friend, or will just one do?
3) Do any security problems arise out of allowing dial-ins?

        Any help would be appreciated.
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 Fri, 26 Dec 2003 21:32:26 GMT   
 Dial-in (like ISP)

You could probably have them set up static local addresses, for example in
the 192.168.x.x range, then have their connections to the net go out
through natd or something similar..

One modem and phone line per each simultaneous dialup user.  This is the
part where it can start to get expensive rather quickly.. With a normal
56k v90 modem all you are going to be able to do is get 33600 or less
connections, so you if you're going that route you can just buy some old
surplus 33.6 modems.  But, at least around here, extra phone lines are
around $25 a month each now.

Only if you give too much access to your computer to someone you don't

Well, I tried. :)  I've been thinking about setting up a single dialup on
mine so I could dial in from other places around town, just never got
around to figuring it all out yet.  

(who had a small msdos BBS back
 around 93-94 and misses it...)

unblah to email

 Sun, 28 Dec 2003 03:56:23 GMT   
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