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 Laptop partitioning fun
Howdy all... I'm running into a problem with my laptop - an Armada 1580DMT
(150mmx w/80megs ram). It'll run 4.3 just peachy, however that's on my 2gig
drive (ibm). I've got a 10 gig (toshiba) that the bios will only allocate
8.4 of however the fdisking portion of the setup sees the whole thing and
dangerously dedicated or not, I can install the system but it just won't
boot. Says it cant find /boot/kernel. I can use the fixit disk and mount the
drive and everything's there. I've tried all the boot manager options...
I've changed the geometry to match the bios' however it leaves the available
sectors as the original amount, not the size of the new geometry (which I
can only do if I'm using real partitions). I've tried creating the partition
to match the size of what it should be (leaving supposed empty space) to no
avail. I've fdisked it as an 8.4 using dos in hopes of it recognizing a
different size in the partition table... again, no good. I'm at a loss. 2
gigs just doesn't cut it for me... and the box is pretty useless under
windoz... I've got the most recent bios in it (tho still no extented int13
support) and all I can think of is that it's related to geometry. Any ideas?

 Sat, 03 Jan 2004 06:57:20 GMT   
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