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 HELP: Newbie installing FreeBSD.
Hi everyone,

I am newbie in FreeBSD.  I am having trouble to install it.
Would anyone please help me out?
I got  the FreeBSD version 4 release 3.

Here is my machine's specs.

M/B:  ASUS P5A  
CPU:  AMD K6-2  300
Memory:    192 MB
HD:   Western Digital   4.3 GB  primary
         Western Digital   27 GB   secondary

CD-rom:   Yamaha   4416sx  SCSI  internal
SCSI card :   Adaptec   2940 UW  
Video Card :  Matrox   G200   8 SGRAM
Sound Card:       SoundBlaster  AWE 64 value
network Card:      Netgear  FA 310 TX  

Details description of the problem.

I am able to boot from CD.   However, it shows that
all my device are "collapse", when I am in the device configuration.
I was trying to change to the right drive.  However, it doesn't show
any of support drivers.  =(  
Without knowing anything about, I pressed "q" to save and quit.
It then bring me to the visual installation screen.
After selecting the components I want to install, I found that it
won't let me install.  Because it can't detect my CD-rom!!   >_<
or any other device!!    >_<  

Would someone please help me out?

Thank you in advance



 Fri, 03 Oct 2003 13:19:07 GMT   
 HELP: Newbie installing FreeBSD.

<snip for space>

This link can help you better than I could personally.  Have fun.



 Thu, 16 Oct 2003 06:21:29 GMT   
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