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 Weird problem: Trouble reversing in SSHD/FTPD


I'm having trouble with sshd and ftpd...They keep resolving as fubar.tropez when 'host' returns the
correct hostname

So I end up with this:
ftpd: fubar.tropez:  <-that is the line from the ftpd pid on a machine
ftping in from the fubar machine...

And this as the hostname in the 'who' command
ttyp5   Jul 23 11:31   (fubar.tropez)

I logged in to tropez from whose hostname is longer
than fubar.tropez and it displayed the full host... This means who is
NOT cutting off the hostname but instead can't resolve it correctly.
named is set up correctly and i have no relevant entries in

please help
-Hubert Cross III

 Sat, 10 Jan 2004 02:31:10 GMT   
 Weird problem: Trouble reversing in SSHD/FTPD
Forgot to include my email:

please remember to remove the NOSPAM part.
you can't be too careful... *grin*


 Sat, 10 Jan 2004 02:39:20 GMT   
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