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 FreeBSD Starter Book
I need a online freebsd starter book or something alike.

I just assembled my freebsd box and now i would like to read
some stuff about it also.

I have freebsd 4.2 and i dont use X but i would like to
get the soundcard to work and to be able to play mp3
files from it.

I could also use a good VI guide for beginers.

And also something about generaly how to configure
the freebsd networking system(without using /stand/sysinstall)

And something abouts ports what they are and how they works.

I Hope someone can/will help me.


 Thu, 11 Sep 2003 20:24:45 GMT   
 FreeBSD Starter Book
Well I am a newbie, but I will let you know all the things that have helped

First of all, is a GREAT place to visit to learn information
about FreeBSD.

go to http://www.**-**.com/ and at the left, under "Documentation",  click
on "For Newbies" - which will give you basic commands and how to add
Then you can go to the "Handbook" and "Tutorials" which also have a lot of
useful information.

I found that reading the README's and INSTALL's in BSD helped a lot - for
setting up the programs..etc.. To read something do a "cat <filename>

A lot of your configuration files are in the /etc/ folder ... And I believe
you can configure your network card in /etc/rc.conf
With that you can quickly change your hostname/  ip/ router IP..etc.

If you installed KDE with FreeBSD - it has many features for configuring

As for ports, I will tell you what I think about them. I just think they are
a bunch of programs that you can install to your BSD box - sort of like
extra programs that come with Windows 98..etc.  The ports (/usr/ports/)
contains many programs - and is organized fairly well. Usually to install
the program, just type "make install" under a folder. This should download
all the files needed from the internet, and install the program.

I have had about a 50 % success rate with the ports. Sometimes it worked (in
KDE2, and saved a lot of hard work) and other times it gave me a compile
error.  So eventually I deleted the ports directory, because it was taking
up about 500 meg of harddrive space. If I never need to install a program, I
will now simply go to and search for a program and download
(the latest) that way..

hope some of this helps


 Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:42:48 GMT   
 FreeBSD Starter Book
Thanks, i didnt knew that(i got a privat mail from someone telling me that all
the documentation was installed along with the os).

But just for your information, im not a unix newbie. I have been using
unix(freebsd,hpux and linux) for long time, but i have never tried to
configure/install a freebsd machine i dont use windows(except for testing
webpages and for {*filter*} once and a while)

Right now im fighting with the irc deamon and my soundblaster.


 Fri, 12 Sep 2003 21:35:40 GMT   
 FreeBSD Starter Book has a TON of info.  If you're looking to buy a book I
would recommend The Complete FreeBSD by Greg Lehey.  For a vi tutorial, do a
"whereis vilearn" at a shell prompt, then cd to the path and make install.  It's a
pretty good tutorial.

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 Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:48:47 GMT   
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