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 Quick check on some compatibility issues...

I've been put in charge of purchasing equipment to build 8 pc workstations
for a robotics lab at campus.  What I was currently considering for each
workstation is:

Win 486DX ISA/VESA motherboard w/ AMD 486DX-40Mhz cpu and 8 Meg of Ram
Adaptec 1542 controller
Quantum LPS340S 340Meg SCSI harddrive
Hercules Dynamite Pro VLB
Nec 5FG monitor
STB 4Com serial board.

I would like to know if anybody knows of any incompatibilities that exist
between these products when used under DOS or Linux.  I could not find
either the Quantum drive or the Hercules graphics board in the linux
compatibility list. (Though all SCSI should work)

which performs better... the hercules Dynamite Pro VLB (W32i) or the Orchid
Fahrenheit 1280+ VLB (S3-805) which was my other consideration?

Also does anybody know of a commercial vendor where we can get 1Meg 70ns
RAM SIMMS for $30 a piece?

thanks for your help it may just save us a big hassle that we didn't count
on later!

- Jeff Wiegley

 Sun, 28 Jul 1996 16:37:17 GMT   
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