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 Problem reading ISO 9660 CD with Rock Ridge extensions (Unix Unleashed CD)
I'm having trouble extracting the contents of the "Unix Unleashed"
GNU CD that came with the book under Linux.

The problem is the following. The CD uses ISO 9660 with Rock Ridge
extensions so as to be able to use unix style file names.  However,
I don't have the Rock Ridge extensions on my system.  To get around
this problem, the CD comes with a script called cdlndir which is
supposed to create a tree of symbolic links pointing at the CD drive
with the correct names for things that one wants to get off the CD.
This script bombs for me, and I noticed that although I could
"cd" to a subdirectory on the /cdrom, "cd /cdrom/subdir" and do
an "ls" in that subdir and see that the files are there and have
nonzero size, I could not look at them (cating them would not show
anything, no error message, nothing).  I could however look at things
in the top level directory, /cdrom, just not at things in the
subdirectories, yet the things in the subdirectories have nonzero
size according to ls,which is weird.

My CDROM drive is a SCSI Chinon CDS-535, and I have used it without
any difficultly previously to view ISO 9660 CDs with Linux.  

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions on how to deal with this

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 Wed, 22 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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