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 ANNOUNCE: GNU text utilities 1.14 released
A new release of the GNU text processing utilities is available for
anonymous ftp from [], in the file

The programs in the textutils are:

cat cksum comm csplit cut expand fmt fold head join md5sum nl
od paste pr sort split sum tac tail tr unexpand uniq wc

Most of these programs have significant advantages over their Unix
counterparts, such as greater speed, additional options, and fewer
arbitrary limits.

User-visible changes in release 1.14
* sort -i and sort -d properly order strings containing ignored characters
* nl: rename misleading --first-page=N option to --starting-line-number=N.
* sort diagnoses invalid arguments to -k, then fails
* sort -n properly orders invalid integers with respect to valid integers
* sorting works with character offsets larger than corresponding field width
* sort's -b option and `b' modifier work
* sort -k2,2 works.
* csplit detects integer overflow when converting command line arguments
* sort accepts new option/flag, -g, for sorting numbers in scientific notation
* join accepts POSIX `-o 0' field specifier.
* tr 'a[b*512]' '[a*]' < /dev/null terminates
* tr '[:*3][:digit:]' 'a-m' and tr 'a[=*2][=c=]' 'xyyz' no longer fail
* special characters in tr's string1 and string2 may be escaped with backslash

Here's the md5 checksum for the distribution.  It was generated
using the md5sum program that is part of this package.  You can
check it by saving this message to a file, say tu-announce and
then running md5sum -c tu-announce.

bf6f57f7553e56e46cb1d2c61ea2fea1  textutils-1.14.tar.gz

There remain a few minor bugs in pr.
If there were a test suite, I'd consider trying to fix them.
Otherwise, that program will be rewritten for an future release.

Please send bug reports for this software to the mailing list

[ Most GNU software is packed using the GNU `gzip' compression program.
  Source code is available on most sites distributing GNU software.

  For information on how to order GNU software on tape, floppy or cd-rom, or
  printed GNU manuals, check the file etc/ORDERS in the GNU Emacs
  distribution, ftp the file /pub/gnu/GNUinfo/ORDERS on prep, or
  e-mail a request to:

  By ordering your GNU software from the FSF, you help us continue to
  develop more free software.  Media revenues are our primary source of
  support.  Donations to FSF are deductible on US tax returns.

  The above software will soon be at these ftp sites as well.
  Please try them before as prep is very busy!


        AUSTRALIA: (archie.oz or for ACSnet)


 Thu, 23 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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