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 Article: "Open Source Game Consoles"

The Indrema game console is long dead, so I finally decided to post an
article I wrote about it back in April.

I had originally written the article for a website called "Games Mania,"
but since the company's dead, it's all moot.

I finally re-read it, and I have to admit, it whets the whistle when it
comes to Open-Source-based, cheap-but-powerful game consoles, and the
ability independent (Indie) developers would have had to publish their
works freely...

Here it is, enjoy:


BTW, It's living on my "Indrema Informer" site, which was a news-and-info.
site I actively ran while I was part of the Indrema development (and fan)



 Wed, 14 Jan 2004 05:05:23 GMT   
 Article: "Open Source Game Consoles"

Hmm.. A few of the people I know will be in line when that X box pops out
this christmas. No, they don't have children. They're interested in putting
the penguin onto it. For $300, that's supposedly good hardware..

 Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:44:28 GMT   
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