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 wierd file problems
    We recently upgraded a few of our systems to RedHat 7.1, and now it
seems we have some strange file behavior going on.  Files that we create
with programs like GIMP, gedit, abiword, etc.  aren't always showing up
in file browser lists, but they'll show up when we list them from a
shell.  Here's an example:
From GIMP, let's say I save out 5 different images, one after the
other.  If I list them from a shell, I'll see all of them:

Now let's say I select "Open File" from GIMP, or another program like
gedit, kwrite, etc. (just for example).  What shoes up in my "Open File"
dialog is something like this:


Some of my files don't seem to show up!  I've checked my permissions and
my umask and everything seems in order, all the files I create have the
same permissions.  Can anyone tell me any possible reasons why I might
be having this problem?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jason Simmons
Schwartz/Giunta Production Co.

 Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:02:38 GMT   
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