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 ioctl and termcap - how to disable lf - cr/lf translation
        The termcap info documenation says to use ioctl() to do something
to the OPOST bit (on POSIX systems). And refers ot TIOCLSET and TIOSETN
on BSD systems.  I couldn't find any other documentation on it and looking
through the 1.2.6 source I found OPOST and TIOCLINUX in
/drivers/char/tty_oictl.h . But how do I use this to disable the linefeed

        The reason why I need this is to move the cursor verticaly (sp?)
down using the 'do' capability from termcap.  The documentation states
that only old terminals use a line feed fro 'do' in order to avoid
translation into a cr/lf pair.  Does vt100 (and the linux console use
lf as 'do')  or am I doing something else wrong.

Thanks for any help.


 Mon, 10 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT   
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