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 Version 1.1 of GNU miscfiles released

I am pleased to announce version 1.1 of the GNU miscellaneous files
distribution, available via anonymous FTP from
[] in the file /pub/gnu/miscfiles-1.1.tar.gz (about 2.1 MB

This distribution includes files not of crucial importance for system
administration or operation, but which have come to be common on
various systems over the years, including word lists, airport codes,
zipcodes and more.

This distribution does not include any programs.

In addition to many new files in this release, the na.phones database
has been entirely rebuilt.

The current list of files is:

connectives web2 web2a airport birthtoken
operator zipcodes abbrevs.gen cities.dat
latin1 languages mailinglists GNU-manifesto tasks.texi rfc-index.txt fyi-index.txt std-index.txt us-constitution

If you have any suggestions about files to add to this distribution,
or corrections to the files here, please send them to

My wish list for specific additions:

* I would like it if residents of various non-US countries could
verify the contents of and suggest appropriate
modifications and additions.  I am particularly uncertain about
Austria, Denmark, France, Norway, and Yugoslavia.

* There is uncertainty about the state of area codes for Los Angeles,
Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston.  Anyone who really knows what's
going on is invited to please check and suggest appropriate

* Word lists for other major languages would be very nice.

* A Unicode map (something like ascii and latin1) would be very nice.

* I have not found electronic sources for fully up-to-date zipcode and
airport code files.  Anyone who has a more current and complete
database is eagerly invited to let me know.

* Suggestions of particular internet standards to distribute (as well
as Usenet [and other] FAQs) would be nice.

See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

Please send all bug reports by electronic mail to:

These files are all freely redistributable.


[ Most GNU software is packed using the GNU `gzip' compression program.
  Source code is available on most sites distributing GNU software.

  For information on how to order GNU software on tape or cd-rom, and
  printed GNU manuals, check the file etc/ORDERS in the GNU Emacs
  distribution, ftp the file /pub/gnu/GNUinfo/ORDERS on prep, or
  e-mail a request to:

  By ordering your GNU software from the FSF, you help us continue to
  develop more free software.  Media revenues are our primary source of
  support.  Donations to FSF are deductible on US tax returns.

  The above software will soon be at these ftp sites as well.
  Please try them before as prep is very busy!
  A possibly more up-to-date list is at URL


        AUSTRALIA: (archie.oz or for ACSnet)


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