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 Monitoring system resources
We have a system (RedHat 6.2) that's been running for two years
with only a couple of reboots for maintenance purposes (such as
moving the computer).  For the first time, the system failed and
needed to be rebooted because the number of open files exceeded
the limit (4096)!  (With the number of open files exceeded I
wasn't able to login.)  OK, I found out how to increase this limit,
but now I'd like to find a way to monitor ALL the system resources
that might reach their limit (memory, disk space, open files, etc.)

1. Does anyone have a complete list of possible system resources
with limits that could halt a system?

2. Does anyone know of software to monitor these limits, e.g.,
a daily email message?

Thanks much in advance!

 Sat, 05 Feb 2005 22:46:36 GMT   
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