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 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
Hi all.
I've recently acquired an MSI K7D Master-L mobo, and I'm trying to run
it with 2400MP processors. I had two, one got fried. Don't ask.

My big problem is that I cannot boot linux:

1. Knoppix and my custom boot disks just boot into blank screens after
lilo starts uncompressing the kernel

2. All my attempts at custom kernels result in a massive spewing-out of
the message
APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
less than a second after boot. It incurs too fast to see the earlier
messages, and happens too early to start writing the log to any rw
mount. I've tried booting with 'noapic' and 'disableapic' to no avail

3. Win2000 boots and works fine, while BeOS DevEd. resets the machine on
bootup. I didn't buy an smp machine to go toying in useless windoze..

4. debian bootfloppies 2.4 kernel works, allowing me to boot into my
root for an attempt at compiling a working kernel. I just wish I knew
what setting that was! I've tried recompiling with the APIC config
settings disabled, with SMP disabled, processor type i386 and some other
random changes. I just don't know what else I can do.
I looked at the apic.c code, but was none the wiser. The comments said
that error 4 was 'reserved', but I'm not sure it's referring to the same

Other things I've tried(some were suggestions from the folks at the
linux-smp mailing list):
- all possible combinations of bios settings(ie changing the MPS from
1.4 to 1.1)
- banging my head against the wall

I want to call MSI about this, but that'll have to wait til over the

I was wondering if someone out there had
any suggestions for what I could do in terms of jumper/bios/kernel
config settings,
an explanation of what this problem really is, whether it is a hardware
or any experience with a similar motherboard or problem (or both).

        Kacper Wysocki

PS> A *blind* carbon copy to my address on any replies would be much

 Thu, 11 Aug 2005 11:39:38 GMT   
 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
In article <>,
Kacper Wysocki  <> wrote:

A dual mobo with only one CPU, right?

You must have failed to build, install, or boot that kernel. A kernel
with APIC configs disabled CANNOT print the error message you quoted above.

04 means bit 2 is set, "Send Accept Error". It's well documented.

I posted a fix to linux-kernel today for a related apic problem on
dual Athlons. It could very well also help your case.

Mikael Pettersson (
Computing Science Department, Uppsala University

 Fri, 12 Aug 2005 00:44:13 GMT   
 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
Yes, yes and yes. I figured it was illogical, so I rebuilt shortly after
posting, and I can finally boot. Now I just have lock-ups while playing
dvds(might be ac97-sound related), and I still need to resolve the apic
problem before I put in the other cpu. Also, I'm told disabling your
apic is a severe performance loss. Any reason the apic wouldn't disable
when noapic is passed to the kernel?

Where can I read up on apic & error codes?

I found your patch Mikael, hoping it works on 2.4.19 and fixes my
problem (reason I use an old version is my vid card closed-source
drivers have problems with 2.4.20)


Mikael Pettersson spoke, and this is what he said:

 Sat, 13 Aug 2005 05:51:03 GMT   
 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
In article <>,
Kacper Wysocki  <> wrote:

"noapic" doesn't affect the local APIC. It only disables
use of any I/O APIC, for SMP and UP_IOAPIC kernels.

Intel's IA32 manual set, Volume 3. Intel has .pdf files for
download somewhere at

Mikael Pettersson (
Computing Science Department, Uppsala University

 Sat, 13 Aug 2005 08:02:09 GMT   
 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
It didn't work. I patched my linux-2.4.19 tree and rebuilt with smp
enabled, I'm still getting the APIC error. What else can I do?


Kacper said...

 Sat, 13 Aug 2005 16:20:05 GMT   
 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
In article <>,
Kacper Wysocki  <> wrote:

My fix was for UP kernels, it probably won't affect SMP kernels on SMP
hardware (which your box is, even if it only has one CPU).

1. Don't top-post.
2. Some non-Intel chipsets are simply buggy. Boot with nosmp and noapic,
   or build a UP kernel without I/O APIC support.

Mikael Pettersson (
Computing Science Department, Uppsala University

 Sat, 13 Aug 2005 20:50:44 GMT   
 APIC error on cpu0: 04(04)
In article <>,

Oh, so we bottom-post here. I was unaware.

I *did* build an UP kernel without apic support. This is what I'm
running now. Still, the box is intended for SMP, which I can't really do
running an UP kernel, right? And what about the performance loss?
There's got to be a way to get an smp kernel running- short of getting
MSI to fix the bug.


 Sun, 14 Aug 2005 02:25:52 GMT   
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