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 Shuttle SK41G & RedHat 9

There is a problem (apparently a known one) with the
Shuttle SK41G (MoBo is FX41) when installing RedHat 9.
The issue is that the graphic controller (S3 ProSavageDDR)
is not correctly handled and switches into crazy (un-displayable) modes.

Has anyone an easy solution to this (for a Linux novice :-) ?

Thanks a pile in advance,

Best regards,


 Fri, 23 Dec 2005 17:14:44 GMT   
 Shuttle SK41G & RedHat 9


Found the following Debian/SK41G success with Google:

"Well I finally got everything to work with the SK41G's ProSavageDDR
K4M266 video card now..if anyone else reading the archive in the future
is having trouble getting the hardware setup, drop me an email. :)"

Please let us know how you make out!


 Fri, 23 Dec 2005 19:35:25 GMT   
 Shuttle SK41G & RedHat 9

Hi Bert,

I bought one of those boxes this spring and intended it to be a
dual-boot Win/Lin machine. I initially installed Win98 and made
it work (took a few runs actually) before I installed Mandrake 9.1.
But let's forget Mandrake for the moment. While still struggling with
the Win98 set-up I tried out Knoppix and SuSE 8.2 Live-Eval.

Knoppix is amazing. It found all HW and 'installed' flawlessly as far as
I could see. With SuSe I didn't have the same luck. It seemed to do
everything right but it persistently choose the wrong settings for
driving my monitor. I could manually make it 'work' by forcing it to
use very low resolution. In the end I solved the problem by copying
the XF86config-4 file from Knoppix. The same may work for RH 9.

Mandrake was almost correct: It decided my screen resolutions is
75 dpi rather than 86 dpi. I had to correct it manually. Now I
only have this itching sound problem left... CD sound OK, DVD
sound OK but nothing else.

Martin Sch??n                              <>

                                     "Problems worthy of attack
                                      prove their worth by hitting back"
                                                              Piet Hein

 Sat, 24 Dec 2005 16:46:57 GMT   
 Shuttle SK41G & RedHat 9

Thanks a lot !
I arrived at the same conclusion.
I was able to install and run at 640x480, obviously NOT
decent enough, but the system works. When I tried another
resolution (even 800x600), I lost the graphic display altogether,
so my guess is that I need really a different driver (other than the
one chosen by auto-detection).
What display driver did Knoppix use which seems to work for you ?

There seem to be also an issue with the embedded ethernet
card, but I have a suggestion about using "acpi=off noapic" and
I'll try & see if that works.

I will keep trying and keep you posted !
Thank in advance for any other suggestion in between :-)


 Sun, 25 Dec 2005 17:56:20 GMT   
 Shuttle SK41G & RedHat 9

Jepp, all this sounds familiar.

Email me your email adress and I will send you the XF86Config-4.
Disclaimer: I am on vacation and don't look here too often so it
might be a while.

I have no idea since I haven't run anything over ethernet with my


Martin Sch??n                              <>

                                     "Problems worthy of attack
                                      prove their worth by hitting back"
                                                              Piet Hein

 Tue, 03 Jan 2006 05:03:06 GMT   
 Shuttle SK41G & RedHat 9

Adding the line

  Option "UseBIOS" "off"

to the "Device" section of the XF86Config file fixed the graphics
problem for me (or I am at least looking at KDE in 1280x1024 at the
moment; haven't tried it for long though).


 Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:51:46 GMT   
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