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 dual matroxfb configuration problems

I am currently playing around with two matrox cards hooked up to my
computer - one g200 and one mystique 220. They are both detected at boot
time, and they get both initialized - but how can I supply the
parameters for both cards independently through lilo's append-parameter?
when I supply video=vesa:matrox:xxx both cards get these parameters. How
do I change this?

And is there a way to change the order in which the fb-devices get
enumerated? At boot-up time I get the bios messages on my g200 (i.e. the
bigger monitor :-), the linux-fb-console appears on the smaller screen.
The bios therefore uses the agp card, linux uses the "first" card, which
is the pci mystique. And I obviously can't change their order in the
computer :-/. So I would like to appear the console on the g200. How?

X works fine on both screens with XGGI but KDE isn't multihead-aware. Is
there a windowmanager capable of moving windows from one screen to
another when using XGGI?!?

System: Mandrake 6.0, 128M RAM, 17" and 15" CRTs, Celeron 300A (one in
dual board :-)

Thanks in advance for hopefully many answers.


BTW: I am going to try Xinerama in the next days...

 Sat, 19 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
 dual matroxfb configuration problems

Hi Karsten
My motherboard (Gigabyte 686BXD) has an option called "boot vga from". This
can set to be PCI or AGP. Maybe yours has a similar option?


Norbert Lesch         
Johanniterstr. 35, D-52064 Aachen, Germany, Phone:+49-241-4019500

 Sat, 19 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
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