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 optimal configuration for linux
Hallo Everybody

I'm going to buy a new computer, but I'm wondering how it's going to be
working under Linux.

I want to buy an Athlon 1000 (266) and I wonder if anyone of you have used
that kind of procesor under Linux? And how it is working?

The second choice I have to do is the main board. I wanted to buy something
with RAID. But as I've heard there are some problems with it under Linux. :(

I also want to buy a modem. And I wonder what kind should I choose. I
thought about Pentagram Shadow, but I don't know if it is working fine under

So I ask you for help.


 Sun, 30 Nov 2003 02:10:56 GMT   
 optimal configuration for linux


No problem with Athlon processors as far as I know.  I just bought a 1.2 GHz
(266) T-bird Socket A with an ASUS A7V133


I heard RAID works, but not I don't think it's 100% with all hardware.  I
would say the Promise controllers probably have the most support.

Get an external modem, ISA, or PCI controller-based hardware modem.
External is the best in my opinion.  Try finding the Zoltrix rainbow.  It's
great.  It turns into a speaker phone if you plug in a microphone, and I
personally like externals because of the LEDs.  And they are always
completely supportable by Linux.  I'm actually getting data rates of 10
kBytes/second on this modem sometimes!!!  I have never achieved this before
on a 56k modem.  I assume it's compression in effect, but I've never had
this before.

 Sun, 30 Nov 2003 03:51:11 GMT   
 optimal configuration for linux

I've got a few 1.3 DDR Athlons and they work fine. [and quickly :-)]

If you want to use Raid I'd either use software Raid or buy a RAID
controller card. The Abit KT7 boards seem to have some problems.I'm
using Gigabyte GA-7DX mobos which are working well, I haven't tried
their GA-7DXR which doe shave Raid capability.

Pretty much any external serial modem will work fine with Linux, you
might have more problems with USB & I'd avoid internal.


 Sun, 30 Nov 2003 07:35:04 GMT   
 optimal configuration for linux

Check the KT133 board reviews, Via chipsets have problems with corruption
at present, search a Linux Kernel Mailing List archive, and some of the
hardware sites.  Because of this problem DMA is being turned off in new
kernel versions for all Via chipsets!

The IDE RAID called Fastrak or the HPT370 are really softare driver based
RAID.  Real RAID controllers tend to be SCSI, though there is a good IDE
card, with Linux driver (forgotten name of it though).

You'ld be OK with Linux software RAID however.


 Sun, 30 Nov 2003 07:11:41 GMT   
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