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 Matrox G400 dualhead TV Output w/ Mandrake 9.1?
Hey all,

Trying to get the TV output on my Matrox G400 dual-head to work under
Mandrake 9.1.  I'm somewhat of a newbie but have been using Linux on
and off for about a year now; obviously this is a bit beyond the scope
of my capabilities, however.

I've done a clean install of Mandrake 9.1 and downloaded all the
updates.  I have it starting X automatically (I don't recall all the
choices I made on install as far as specifics relating to X).  I
believe I am using the latest version of the X server, or at least the
latest that ships with Mandrake.  The G400 card was detected on
install and was correctly identified as the dual-head version.

Not seeing any obvious way to enable TV output in the OS, I downloaded
the latest drivers available from the Matrox site (which are pretty
old) as well as their Powerdesk utility for selecting tv out options.
Installing the drivers tells me I'm using the wrong version of XFree86
- it actually wants an older version than what I'm using.  Thinking I
probably had the latest drivers installed anyway I tried just
installing Powerdesk but every time I run it it simply reboots the X
server (I'm running it from a console).

Does anyone have a G400 running with TV output on Mandrake 9.1 and
what steps did you take to get it working?

Second question - all I want to do is clone my desktop (I'll be
running MythTV - this is my home theater PC), and I want the TV to be
my primary output.  Will the OS boot directly to TV output if I want
it to?


Jeff Williams

 Fri, 16 Dec 2005 22:50:27 GMT   
 Matrox G400 dualhead TV Output w/ Mandrake 9.1?

There is a simple trick to fool matrox' installer:
When unopacked the matrox driver you've got
                    /4.3.0/ directories, right?
Simply rename the last one to /4.3.1/ and that will do the trick.

I have installed matrox driver upon xfree 4.3.1 this way and it worked with
power desk and dual screen for couple of months. I have had some stability
problems on X layer, though. Now I've got second complete computer so again
run one monitor, returned to one screen and original xfree86 drivers, and
stability problems are gone.
Previously I have been running MDK 9.0 with same driver and dual screen, no
probs. So I believe this "hack" with older driver upon newer X version must
be a reason for stability issue.

I did not, I have used two regular monitros. So I can't help much. There are
not many G400 users around here so I decided to throw in my 5 cents worth.

Good luck! Yours Virtually, Zbigniew A.

 Sun, 18 Dec 2005 05:32:14 GMT   
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