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 matrox g400 max dualhead + Abit kt7-raid
Has any one experienced any issues regarding this combination in
linux? I have several distros lying around here, so there is no
preference other than supporting sound and 3d applications as well as
using the second monitor out put to T.V.

there is other hardware to be put in the slots as well
(yes currently I am writing this from a win32 partition due to the
cisco 605 dsl card- patiently waiting on a cisco 675)

ram: at least 2(Micron/ST 128M PC100 8ns)
Soundblaster pci128 + interact propad 6
3com etherlink 3c905b ethernet card
possibly a scsi card with symbios 53C875 chip, the kouwell 801v75
usb(?) devices: 1. efilm reader-4 (for smartmedia cards from camera)
                2. Wacom Graphire 4x5 tablet (pen&mouse)
serial devices: 1. camera's uplink should the usb reader fail-                          a
FUJI MX1200 model digital camera
               2. a management port for the cisco 675
parallel devices: hp deskjet 600c printer

the scsi card is listed as a possibility because my server will be
currently using it, but ya never know
this will be my "play around" machine with multiple oses installed
Amiga dev hosted on linux
Amiga dev hosted on Win32
BeOs 5 personal edition
Freedos and bad seal interface
Gnu/linux with gnome interface

ide devices are probably not important to list but they are:
a teac cdW54e with firmware 1.0x 4x4x32
a 36.5 gb hard drive - Maxtor 93652u8 (udma 66)
in the near future I may add some more hard drives (ata 100) to deal
with video and multimedia output using Broadcast2000 when it matures a
little bit more
"We are Microsoft, of Borg. General Protection Fault in module
assimilate.exe : Resistance izkx GPF 0x56548820 Application RESIST.EXE
has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

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