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 X windows SUDDENLY CRASHED, help!!!

The X windows crashed when I was doing ftp in one xterm while moving
another one around by holding mouse bttom.  The system quited and
got rebooted.  Because of this, when doing parallelizing fsck
during rebooting, it says:
fix summary information? yes

I rebooted again and this kind of message didn't show up again,
instead, as usual, it says:

/dev/hda5 clean, no check
/dev/had6 clean, no check

Anyone knows what problem could this be?  Could my filesystem
be damaged because of the crash and reboot?  How can I check and
fix the damages, if any?

Accompanying with this (I guess, but may not have to do with it),
when I use man to see the manpages, it reports message like:

:<standard input>:524 warning: numeric expression expeted (got 'F')

Is this an indication that something goes wrong with the filesystem?

London, Canada

 Mon, 21 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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