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 How to grab the post-processed fvwmsrc.m4 file

Fellow Linux Users:

I use the fvwm95-2 windows manager from Red Hat.  It relies on the m4
macro processor to produce a .fvwm2rc file.  I would like to grab the post
processed file to play with the windows configuration.  That file should
be easier (and safer) to play with than the .m4 file.

The processor is envoked with the command:

exec fvwm95-2 -f "FvwmM4 -debug fvwm2rc.m4" -display :0 \            
$HOME/FVWM95-errors 2>&1

Both the info page and the man page for fvwmM4 indicate that the "-debug"
optin should place the post processed file, fvwm2rc*, in /tmp.  It is, but
it contains only the commented lines from the .m4 file.  The post
processed commands do not appear.

Any one know how to capture the .fvwm2rc file that m4 is feeding to fvwm?


 Tue, 30 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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