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 Red Hat 8.0 and Matrix G400 DualHead Card

I just upgraded my Red Hat 7.3 system to Red Hat 8.0, and I'm running
into issues with my Matrox G400 Dual Head video card.

In Red Hat 7.3, all worked perfectly, but in 8.0, here's what's
In Gnome, when in dual monitor mode, if I go into any
folder/directory, I see the icons, but no labels on the first monitor
-- works fine on second monitor.  If, for example, I go into the Home
folder on the desktop, I see three folder icons and each says 5 items,
16 items, etc under it, but no label until I drag it to the second

In KDE, if I hover over or click on anything, the icon label comes up
on the second monitor. Example, if I click on Start Here, a black
'Start Here' appears on the second monitor where the icon is on the

Very strange... I've updated everything from up2date and I used the
latest Matrox drivers from Matrox's website.  These drivers worked
fine under Red Hat 7.3.

Suggestions?  Red Hat picked up the proper monitors, which are both
ViewSonic G773.   I've also toyed with changing the refresh rate,
color depth, and resolution.

Thanks for any help,


 Mon, 20 Jun 2005 06:21:56 GMT   
 Red Hat 8.0 and Matrix G400 DualHead Card
I found a solution in Gnome.  From the desktop, I chose Start Here >
Preference > Font and changed the Font Rendering to Subpixel smoothing
(LCD) instead of Best Shapes.  They look almost the same, but the
problem is gone.  This doesn't explain why I got the quark in KDE, but
Gnome's up and going.



 Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:14:48 GMT   
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