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 xemacs dies with an assertion failure error message


I encounter a strange behaviour of xemacs. It starts properly
in case where I don't specify a filename on the command line,
or if I try to save a new file it stops immediately.

In case where specify a filename at the beginning, xemacs stops
executing with the following error message:

Fatal error: assertion failed, file signal.c, line 327,
async_timer_suppress_count > 0

Fatal error (6).
Your files have been auto-saved.
IOT trap/Abort

I'm running a linux box, with the following parameters (taken from
Linux version 1.99.4 ( (gcc version 2.7.2) #8-pre-2.0
Tue Aug 13 20:49:49 MET DST 1996

Does anybody have an idea ?

Thank you, Markus Wildi

 Sat, 13 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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