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 AMD 761 Radeon SDR AGP

I've problems configuring an ATI Radeon AGP SDR on a system equipped with
Asus A7M266 (AMD 761 chipset).  I've updated the kernel (2.4.7) and
recompilled it with AGP GART Radeon support (built into the kernel, not
module) and DRI Support for Xfree (also built into the kernel).  I've also
updated XFree to 4.1.0 version.  Update successful.  XFree86 -configure has
created a which I have copied to /etc/X11/XF86Config.  When I
type startx, the system always hangs (in fact, the screen shuts down and the
system does not event respond to CTRL ALT F2 or CTRL C...????).  (The screen
is an IIyama VM PRO 451 and is correctly recognized 50-180Hz, 30-115KHz).
I've tried using xf86config but the ATI Radeon is not even listed.  Choosing
ATI server does not solve the problem.  I've also tried XConfigurator but I
often get a "core dumped".  xf86cfg makes the system hang.

In fact, I don't even need 3D acceleration.  What I want is to make X work
(2D).  I've already heard some people talking about problems with AMD 761
and Radeon SDR AGP (OEM).  Can you help me???

Thanks in advance.

O. Delcourt

 Sat, 24 Jan 2004 03:25:53 GMT   
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