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 Kpilot 4.2.3 duplicates on Palm 5x
This may be an esoteric one but I'll try anyway since I'm at the end of my

I've upgraded to kpilot 4.2.3 (not a gratuitous upgrade - needed the new
address conduit). All is working fine apart from the vcalconduit with
korganizer which is producing duplicate /triplicate entries etc in the Palm
5x Datebook. Every time I sync it doubles the entries (on the Palm -
korganizer is fine). Every changed config I've tried has had no effect

Running from the command line, there are no obvious error messages and I've
tried deleting / reconfiguring / reinstalling every file possible, still
with no joy. The kpilot home pages seem pretty out of date and I've found
nothing else on or the web that points to anyone having
the same problem. Tried subscribing to the kpilot mailing list but it seems
inactive. Can anyone help or is anyone having the same problem - bug report


Serial connection to Palm 5x (dev/pilot) PalmOS v 3.5
pilot-link-0.9.3-42 (suse rpm)
kdepim-kpilot-2.2.0-20 (suse rpm)
SuSE 7.2
korganizer 2.2 (suse rpm)
kde 2.2 (suse rpm)

 Mon, 23 Feb 2004 01:04:03 GMT   
 Kpilot 4.2.3 duplicates on Palm 5x

OK - I seem to have found a workaround until I can workout a final solution:

Makes use of pilot-link and its tools:
1) Bring up a console
2) type in 'pilot-dedupe /dev/pilot DatebookBD
3) Make a coffee and smile

Tiresome to do on each sync but it works!


 Mon, 23 Feb 2004 02:08:17 GMT   
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