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 color_xterm suddenly crashes
Does anyone have the same bug or a solution?

My color_xterm suddenly crashes when doing a simple more, latex-run or cat.
This behaviour is not reproducable with the same commands, but occurs at
least after one hour interactive working.
Color_xterm closes immediately and all processes are stopped. This behaviour didn't
occur with the plain xterm, though I think it's a problem of color_xterm.

I'm using the latest slackware distribution, with quiet everything installed.
The same problem arises with the Mach 8 and S3 Xfree server, with tcsh and bash,
with and without TCP/IP.

Any help appreciated.

Daniel Stainhauser
Dep. of Comp. Science
University of Berne
Laenggassstr. 15
13012 Berne

 Mon, 24 Feb 1997 23:06:08 GMT   
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