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 Video Card (Tseng 4000/W32i) compatibility and other compatibility questions

I am purchasing a new PC and I am hoping to Run Linux with
XFree on it.

I have looked at the FAQs to try and determine if my video card will
be compatible.  I had heard to stay away from Diamond cards becasue
there are come problems with them.

Well, I could not find video cards listed in the FAQ hardware howto that
I found.  This seemd very odd to me.

Well, I am looking at two different systems.
Using two different cards.

   1.   One uses the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro
        which is based on the mach32 chip

   2.   The other uses a card based on the Tseng 4000/W32i chip.

I am probably getting the second of these.

Has anybody got Linux and Xfree working with either of these cards
or know where I can find this information in the FAQ's?

Also, in general, do I need to worry about checking every component
of my system for compatibility?  Do  most components work with
linux and Xfree?  

Thanks for the info.

Dan Clancy

 Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:23:41 GMT   
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