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 "w" doesn't work

I remember a thread about this a while ago, but I can't seem to find
it, so I'll ask.

I looked in the FAQ's, but there was nothing in them.  The "w" command
in slackware 2.0.0 seems to be broken.  Whenever I type "w",
most of the logins have entries of "-"

hercules:~> w
  2:29am  up 18 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
User     tty    From             login@   idle  JCPU  PCPU  what
nickkral tty2                    2:13am                     -
nickkral tty1                    2:13am                     -

I tried upgrading the kernal to 1.1.34, to no avail.  I had this
problem with 1.1.18 (the slackware kernal) and now with 1.1.34.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem (besides using
ps -aux | grep [username])?

-- Nick Kralevich

Nick Kralevich              
"A man sits with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems shorter than
a minute.  But tell that same man to sit on a hot stove for a minute,
it is longer than any hour.  That's relativity."  -- Einstein

 Wed, 08 Jan 1997 17:44:29 GMT   
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