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 corpus of command or query language inputs?
Apologies if this is not the appropriate newsgroup.  An associate without
Usenet access asked me to post it, and I am not sure exactly where it should
go.  Please respond by email directly to him, not to me.

I am looking for a corpus of command or query language inputs.
Does anybody know of a logfile of, for instance, UNIX commands entered by
expert users? I'm curious whether typical linguistic phenomena such as
for instance word substitions, word blends, and underdetermined
references do occur in command language use as well.
Does anyone know whether such a corpus of command language inputs exists?
If so, I really appreciate it if you can tell me its whereabouts.
Mail your highly appreciated info to:

Edwin Bos
Stanford University

* Noel Hunter,  Academic Systems Administrator,    Wake Forest University  *
* TEL:(910) 759-5812 MAIL:PO Box 7408 Winston-Salem, NC 27109 *

 Sat, 03 Aug 1996 22:36:32 GMT   
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