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 grep and csh
Firstly I would like to acknowledge ScriptOmatic for all his input.
Is there a way to extend the following CSH script to handle optional
in combination with grep. -Need to match a argument as either a prefix or
suffix to input from stdin.
Similar to stsrstr and strncmp in C.
Could anyone please help with how to handle the options  and Grep.
I would just do this in C: if (strncmp(abcdef, abc, 3)==0){...similar for
strstr for suffix.(using strlen of both strings) I have no idea how to
handle the args or how to
assign a "grepped" value to a variable then do the string comparisons.
for example: (findme is name of script)
to look for a suffix of "son" from a line of input
$ findme -s son
blah nil nothing        --input not echoed back as valid suffix not found
fred johnson
fred johnson            --line echoed back as suffix "son" found
also would like to handle prefix option:
$ findme -p mart
blah nil nothing        --input not echoed back as valid prefix not found
sally martin
sally martin            --line echoed back as prefix "mart" found

 #!/bin/csh -f
 set NAME=`basename ${0}`;
 set TAB=' ';
 set USAGE="\
 usage: ${NAME} word\
         word    find all lines on standard input that match word\
 # if no args are given, echo usage and exit
 if ( ${#argv} != 1 ) then
     echo ${USAGE:q};
     exit 0;
     set word="${1:q}";

 while ( 1 )
     set noglob
     set line = ( $< )
     unset noglob
 #echo DEBUG: line=${line}
     set p = 0;
     # we got the line and the word, find it
     foreach i ( ${line} )
 echo DEBUG: i: \"${i:q}\"
 # $i must contain word, I think
          if ( ${i:q} =~ "${word}" ) then
             set p = 1;
     if ($p == 1) then
         echo ${line:q}

 bottomout: # goto point when hit with interrupt
 exit 0;

 Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:33:58 GMT   
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