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 cloning functions/dynamic functions
what is the best way to go about cloning functions? I don't
really need to create an entirely new function on-the-fly, but just
need to clone one and alter a static variable in it.

conceptually, i figure i need to copy a function
from one location to another, and then alter the static
variable of that new function.

i'm interested in creating structures/objects w/ member
functions that can be called w/o having to explicitly
pass the structure/object to operate on (the static
variable would be a pointer to that).

i figure that this would not be entirely portable, but i would
like to reduce and isolate the non-portable code as much
as possible.

i know this isn't very practical (well, i'm sure it would be
for some problems), but it would be a great excercise for me.

i have no experience w/ assembler... so if the answer/suggestion comes
in the form of a few lines of assembler, i'd appreciate some quick
directions on where to get started on that, too ;)



 Sun, 14 Dec 2003 04:55:07 GMT   
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