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 Parent process also terminating after killing child process in SIGINT
I redirect the SIGINT signal then fork a new child process. I want the
sigint_handler function to kill the child when a Ctrl-C is pressed. It is
aware of the child's pid, because I make this (value fork returns) a global
variable. The problem is, in my sigint_handler func, I have kill(child_pid,
SIGTERM). For some stranger reason, my parent process is also Terminated and
the shell tells me so. However, if I put something like a cout right above
kill statement, only the child is killed and parent moves on with its other
functions. This is very strange and annoying to me. I just want the child to
die, not the parent too. Any ideas why this should happen and why the cout
changes the affect?

Thank you,

 Fri, 16 Jan 2004 06:11:51 GMT   
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