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 New, Code Analyzer and Metrics for C, C++ and Java
As a general service to our world wide user base...

Resource Standard Metrics Version 5.20 is available
for free trial and download

5.20 New Features:

Visual Studio Interactive Mode
  - Quality Notices can be interactive when RSM is
    intergrated as a MS Studio Tool.  A simple click
    will open the file and place the cursor at the
    line where the quality notice occurred.

Quality Notice Format
  - Visual Studio Interactive Format
  - Summary Format
  - Standard Verbose Format

Additional Quality Notices
  - Notice for public data within a class
  - Notice for protected data within a class
  - Notice for exception handling within a function
  - Notice for the clause 'using namespace'
  - Notice when a class definition is located within a function.
  - Notice when a class contains a pointer to data
  - Notice when a class with virtual methods does have a
    virtual destructor

Class Metrics
  - Counts for public, protected and private attributes
  - Counts for public, protected and private methods
  - Indentification of Inheritance Base Classes
  - Metrics are calculated for nested classes

Comma Separated Variable Format Output
  - MS Excel Import capability
  - Project Metrics
  - File Metrics
  - Namespace/Package Metrics
  - Interface Metrics
  - Class Metrics
  - Functional Metrics
  - Code Differential Metrics

New Total Only Reports
  - Quality Notice Single Line Summary
  - Quality Profile

Work File Report
  - Output can be limited by using the Totals mode
    with work files, thus limiting extensive output.
  - Work files can be extracted to CSV output.

Configuration Options
  - Wrap long names of files, namespaces, classes
    and functions.
  - Specify the path location of work files



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