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 Q: DOS/Win browser for Unix CD-ROM?
I searched the search engines in vain; does anybody know of any tool
for browsing UNIX CD-ROMs (i.e., ISO 9660 with "RockRidge Extensions")
under MS-DOS and/or Windows?

The UNIX tool "mkisofs" ("make ISO file system") for creating such CD-ROMs
offers an option to automatically create a translation table (a flat ASCII
file named "TRANS.TBL") in each directory on the CD-ROM for translating
the 8+3 ISO 9660 file names back to their originals.

A browser program could use this information in order to display the long
file names of the files, symbolic links and subdirectories contained in
the current directory, allowing to navigate through these subdirectories
and spawning appropriate programs for opening the files (i.e., a text
editor for *.txt files, WinZip for "*.tar.gz" files, and so on).

Does anybody know of such a program, preferably free software?

Thank you very much for any hint!!

(Please excuse the large cross-post, but this question surely *is* "inter-
disciplinary", isn't it? :-) )

Best regards,
    Steffen Beyer <>
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 Mon, 19 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT   
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