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 New Version: RSM 4.0 C,C++,Java Source metrics

C, C++ and Java source code analyzer and metrics
generation tool.  Create metrics differentials
between two code base lines.  Generate LOC, eLOC,
complexity and many more source metrics.

Free Demo: http://www.**-**.com/

Analyze code for code style compliance.  Identify
latent problems that most compilers do not find
during compilation.  RSM performs thorough static
code analysis and can be customized by the user.
RSM supports long file names in all operating systems.

Version 4.0 adds HTML reports, customization files,
enhanced class and source metrics.  HTML reports
contain hyperlinks to the source code for easy
source browsing.

RSM will help your company comply with SEI,
TickIT and ISO 9001 certifications.  RSM is
available for all UNIX and Windows operating
systems forming a standard approach for
software metrics collection across projects
and throughout a company.

RSM is used by major software companies, worldwide
including Intel, HP, Siemens, Lockheed, US Air
Force and in major universities.

For complete documentation and on-line help,

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